About Us

Atolye AS; founded in 2016 in Izmir; proceeds developing projects both in Turkey and also neighboring countries with its sustainable, innovative, aesthetic, and environmentally-conscious design procedures. The company focuses on both architecture, interior design, and also urban projects; also provides consultancy for several projects including construction supervision and facade consultancy.


Ahsen Gür


She was born in Isparta, in 1985. After she completed Erasmus Exchange student program in Politecnico di Bari; she graduated from METU Faculty of Architecture with a bachelor’s degree in Architecture. After graduation, she took part in several projects in Emre Arolat Architecture and Arkizon Architecture in Istanbul. In 2013 she moved to Astana / Kazakhstan and attended as a Design Office coordinator of Nazarbayev University project of Sembol construction. She co-founded firm Atolye As in İzmir, in 2016.


Samet Ayyıldız


He was born in Ardino / Bulgaria, in 1985. He completed his bachelor’s degree at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in 2011. After graduation, he had a part as an architect in Yahyagil Construction and Buggy Corporate Group. He moved to Sochi/ Russia as an architect of Ida Construction Company. He had been employed as a design office architect and performed coordination of site and project of 5-star hotels prepared for 2014  Sochi Winter Olympics. In 2014, he joined Sembol Construction team as a design Office coordinator of Nazarbayev University in Astana / Kazakhstan. He co-founded firm Atolye As in İzmir, in 2016.